Richard Grant (founder of “rgproduct” in 1996) has been dismantling, repairing and rebuilding things extensively from the age of 5. Encouraged through the provision of a small carpenter’s bench by his parents. Followed by years of stripping electrical items, speakers, models, equipment and anything interesting to see how it worked and even occasionally fixing it.

Always creating, discovering and mending he naturally left School at 16 to pursue Electrical Engineering (successfully). However this still missed “something” so returned to his A Levels and was accepted to Brunel University on a 3D Multi discipline Design BA hons.

This, as it turned out was the making of him; the combination of technical solutions, conceptual creativity and professional presentation hit all the vital areas. Further, his extensive technical background was a boon to all his 30 odd peers; crucially their fine art and conceptual origins became a terrific learning resource for him leading to a fruitful reciprocal relationship for 3 years; In his final year Richard was asked by his Tutors to assist a number of his peers in their final projects through to successful final assessment.

An unusual opportunity presented itself in ’96 to study full time, fully paid for 4 months in the ceramics industry in collaboration with Staffordshire University Ceramics department and the new technology of Stereo Lithography (a type of Rapid Prototyping as it is generically known nowadays). This was taken to its natural conclusion in a collaborative project with Wedgwood and Bowers & Wilkins Speakers creating an utterly unique and novel combination of product design and ceramic technology.

After a number of years model making and consulting in the TV and Film industries in 1999 Richard was offered a senior role running a music website web site creation company (Music On Line, Manchester) as Account & Creative lead. Clients included SONY & REACT Records, he successfully ran the team for 1 year. The code/script team also developed simple dynamic update software to allow SONY artists to update their websites from any laptop via email. These days that is known as a BLOG; Once again, some years ahead of the tech curve.

He went back into the Film industry for special projects, product consultancy and to develop his own audio products. During this time whilst researching a pet project he entered into Skype correspondence with a senior NASA Scientist in relation to the LEO/GEO orbital debris issue.

More recently he was invited by an EMMY winning Art Director to tour a huge global Marketing project on behalf of Disney, promoting a number of their biggest Film releases (Alice In Wonderland, TRON, Real Steel etc). This project, unique in its scope, media combination and Live action asset use included unique viral marketing based on building a ground swell of marketing “chatter” online by withholding media assets during public Show time. This created a huge amount of interest in the first wave of show based publicly shot media shared via all social networks at that time. The role spread out into future project development in both technical and conceptual areas as well as global logistics planning, H+S, fire consult (materials & Show flow) and acquisition of exhibits, location, services and talent/crew. Further info.

Richard’s LinkedIn profile neatly encapsulates his skill set to date, as follows:

Extensive experience across traditional design, Art Direction, Feature film/TV production and concepts. Responsible for directing & producing large-scale projects in live events, digital, experiential marketing & Fashion. Driving thematic project development and providing experiential consult. Fantastical projects pushed forward in their development and creation globally for top clients.
3 years global travel throughout Disney territories co-leading stunning experiential exhibitions unique in both scope and media combination on behalf of Disney/Five33. Promoting Alice in Wonderland, Real Steel and TRON using feature film live action props, filmmaker input and feedback; each event hosted in demanding Architectural venues; Subterranean, Submarine, schedule tight and iconic historical status.
Currently leading specialist product development in relation to novel audio product including the release of new loudspeaker products based on my groundbreaking concepts and technological innovation. In between feature film work at the highest level, sorting the tough problems fast & effectively.
Recently coordinated huge test program and technical delivery in tight timescale for Burberry LFW launch, followed by major feature film specialist tech props and development.
Specialties: Over seeing and creating experiential events, Imagineering, directing and producing complex technical and conceptual projects and bringing diverse teams of talented brilliant people together to deliver the incredible locally and globally.

To contact Richard Grant please email or Phone: +44 (0) 7802 987 147