I use Photoshop professionally for almost every aspect of my work;  for example many of the images and concept designs in my projects page are created using it.  All my speaker promotion images are created from scratch using PS.  I have wide experience of image manipulation for Film/TV graphics and images to suit model projects or unusual distortion situations; such as fitting a graphic on to a contoured surface. The following are examples of retouching and design for various projects. If you require any graphics use in Film/TV or web advice please get in touch.

Website image Optimisation/Online Brand design:
A year spent as account handler and Creative Lead for a music website company in Manchester (SONY MUSIC sites mainly) opened my eyes to image optimisation for web use and this is a subject I remain heavily involved with.  A key interest is web site usability and navigation. 


Graphic branding, cross platform design (flyers/stickers/Livery) and aesthetic development:

AGOG_FX_Landscape Agog_White_advert_DEC08 


The Film Place
The Film place is one of the earliest Digital cinemas in the UK and is a collaboration with The Buckingham University.  I created the look and design for a brand that could work in local paper adverts, online and for tickets and signage.  Logo design also;


resized_advert_ROBOTS_FEATURE copy 


Paul O’Grady Show
Numerous and various graphics for live action props:

modern satellite BW  modern satellite colour


Animated GIFs:
I really like the ease and speed with which an animated GIF can be made and edited.  I use them for simple trans-media mock-ups and composites as well as showing off moving or tech principles.

RHINO Concept animated GIF:
A simple animation showing original image and the processes required to create this effective live media Augmented Reality piece.



AV unit demo animated GIF:
A tripod shot in-situ stop frame, useful for showing clients and website visitors design and build points.



Paris snap edit:
A family snap with far too much going on in the background!  I removed the excess tourists and trued up the perspective.  Increasing the flag stone area allowed proper centring of subjects, my wife and child.

Paris_feb09_057 Paris_Feb09_EDITED


Shark catch edit:

A friend had caught this terrific specimen but was put off the image by all the bright red blood!  A little tinkering later and it is a much rarer beast.
Original image below; Edited to right:

resized_shark resized_shark_bloodeless


Party invite/ELLE cover:           

resized_ELLE_DONKA_PARTY copy  

Tingewick Beer Festival Logo:
Having been heavily involved with the Festival in 2007 I adapted my original logo to suit a round format allowing wider use and design variety.



WiiWimbledon charity tournament:
The first ever collective tournament using the terrific Wii device. I helped Blue sky this and developed the flyers and web forms as a contribution:

rgproduct_Wii_wimbledon_tennis_Flyer2_photoshop_ rgproduct_Wii_wimbledon_tennis_Flyer_photoshop_