Unique projects for private clients, production companies & marketing agencies (separate from “Film+TV” projects). Invariably they are difficult to categorise often being a combination of development, build, sculpture & delivery. Rather than my “projects” section consisting fundamentally Art Direction, Research and development or co-ordination roles.

“BlastOff” Power Boat Thermal vent + Air intake system:


It is not that often I hear the following:

"…Make my $1,000,000 speedboat look like a Star Wars Spaceship…"

Some weeks later after lots of scratch pattern making, mould work, sculptural engineering with Fibreglass paste and all sorts of specialist adhesives and processes "Blastoff" has incredible thermal vent fins and additional awesome scoop air intakes. A massive, demanding creative and technical challenge from start to finish. Initially Thermal Chimneys shaped as Fins were mocked up in simple (White & Pink) corrugated plastic to gauge scale, width and look (note engine bay “Lid” is missing, forward of Fins mocked up, in Two images below):

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00312 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00311 
Fin Pattern & Mould:
Following agreement on basic dimensions (in relation to aesthetic and technical performance) a pattern was produced to enable a mould to be taken, including a very cool concave spine:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00002 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00005
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00330 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00014

Following numerous filler primer spray coats to enable flatting back, a solid safe foot support allowing, waxing, split mould edging and mould insert creation was made to simplify things further down the line:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00033 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00035
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00041 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00049
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00052 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00061

The first half of the mould could then be laid up and prepped for the final half lay:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00371 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00388

Planned mould reinforcements were then added ready for production:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00082 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00396

Followed by scores of hours of waxing moulds (3 coats, buffed), deep gel coat brush in (3 coats) and extensive strong FG layup and edge reinforcement with FG paste. The halves were then Epoxy tacked together, gel seam filled and internally edge bonded with FG chop strand paste. A huge project, giving incredible results.

Hollow Foot mount:
Meanwhile I had created the pattern for and made a special drop out mould for a hollow foot to allow the 2 fins to be mounted securely, both structural and aesthetic with White Gel insert:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00322 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00031
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00327 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00073 
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00366 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00351

Engine bay Lid repair:
The actual “Bonnet” or engine “Lid” (at boat stern just in front of new Fins) had been heavily damaged in a race incident at approx 100mph. It needed extensive and complex repair. Including grinding back to the cracked Glass mat and repairing on the top (White Gel) side and underside. An Aluminium brace was added between the hinge mounts as its “back had been broken” (Once the GRP repairs were complete it regained its spine and the brace left in place to spread hinge loads). Additional Air intake scoop breather holes were also added:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00385 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00119 
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00084 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00088
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00069 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00102
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00149 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00483

Air intake Scoops:
The most cost effective approach was to order “off the shelf” air scoops from the USA. These would then be modified to suit our needs. The scoops that arrived were considerably larger than expected (ordered by my client) but gave the correct air flow. They were also fairly thin and weak, and the wrong colour being Black. I ascertained the lids centre line and aligned the scoops symmetrically and to suit, a compound line was drawn and cut, trimming the scoop edges to a good but unfinished fit on the complex lid manifold geometry. Brass location pins were embedded to enable removal and replacement to same position and allow re-fixing for final bolting down. The scoop edges then had to be fully reinforced and angled to bed in tightly. Further, the scoops themselves needed extensive reinforcement. The scoops and their fitting were by far the most complex and demanding part of this extremely stimulating project.

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00451 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00448 
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00456 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00182 
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00466 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00264 

Gel repair – Windows – Lift point fill – Through vents – etc:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00072 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00515BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00527 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00328BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00215 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00209BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00212 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00158BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00204 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00202BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00258 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00536

Finished “BlastOff” elements:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00187 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00251 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00268 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00271
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00254 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00281

Engine bay “Lid” Install:

With the additional scoop elements, new fibreglass added to repair the damage, as well as filler and spray from the body shop the lid was now considerably heavier than originally. Hydraulics were the only answer, I made an extended pallet to take the large lid; it was slid across the beams then the lid was flipped vertical and chocked to allow hinge pin install:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00291 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00295
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00300 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00504

New scoops and Fins:

BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00538 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00540
BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00530 BlastOff_Richard_Grant_rgproduct_custom_raceboat_BLASTOFF_00547


RCA textiles/Magnet inserts:
Contacted by an RCA Fashion student to assist her final project, involving extensive Silicone Rubber casting on Textiles.  Experimentation and tests covered numerous fabric types, weights and finishes as well as different rubber types and consistencies; leading up to a final effective process for reliable, clean results.

Image00006 Image00007 
Image00025 Image00030 Image00028 Image00031

Following on from this I was asked to assist with development of Silicone rubber impregnated with magnets and edge castings on fabrics for another London based Fashion designer:

Image00002 Image00010
Image00013 Image00016


RCA Kelly McCallum Polar Bear/Deer Goldsmith jewellery display unit:
Kelly McCallum; An ex  RCA Goldsmith of expanding repute who’s first major exhibition involves very complex conceptual progression and technical design flair. Final taxidermy installation performed by a third party. I assisted in realising these incredible pieces; resulting in a large and impressive display of bejewelled sculpture shown at the stunning Shirazu Gallery, Mayfair (Please excuse some small image sizes in this section):

Polar Bear with Coral environment interior; LED lit+battery pack:

kelly_McCallum_RCA_rgproduct_com_Shirazu_Polar_Bear kelly_McCallum_RCA_rgproduct_com_Shirazu_Polar_Bear_int_gold_shrimp
kelly_McCallum_RCA_rgproduct_com_Shirazu_Polar_Bear_int_gold_hermit_underthesea kelly_McCallum_RCA_rgproduct_com_Shirazu_Polar_Bear_seahorse
kelly_McCallum_RCA_rgproduct_com_Shirazu_Polar_Bear_int_gold_crab kelly_McCallum_RCA_rgproduct_com_Shirazu_Polar_Bear_int_gold

Deer with internal landscape, viewing holes & LED lit with Battery pack:

Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_003 Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_005 Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_008 Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_006
Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_064 Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_065
Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_027 Richard_Grant_rgproduct_Kelly_McCallum_sculpture_RCA_Gold_043


“S.L.Belle” Teak Steamer additions & design elements:
Extensive Teak work and special builds including insert windows (laminate glass), thermal vents, structural hull work and traditional corking to help renovate this beautiful old Boat. Potted history follows:

slide0154_image174 SL_BELLE_RGPRODUCT

“A Victorian pleasure steamer with links to Worcester’s river Severn history has been put up for sale – 30 years after being saved from the breaker’s yard. The S L Belle, which currently operates on the river Thames, dates from 1894 and is licensed to carry 100 passengers. After her launch, the S L Belle sailed under steam around Land’s End and up the Bristol Channel to Worcester, where she took thousands of passengers on trips along the Severn for more than eight decades.

The S L Belle is listed on the National Register of Historic Vessels, a database of the 1,200 most historically important boats in the country. In 1980 the steamer, which is built of teak on an oak frame, was rescued by Ted Harris, of E G Harris, after falling into disrepair. He took it to the firm’s yard in London for extensive renovation.  The vessel is now powered by a diesel engine salvaged from a Second World War Sherman tank after the original steam engines were removed in 1947”.

slide0160_image168 slide0160_image170
slide0156_image156 slide0156_image158
slide0157_image160 slide0157_image161
slide0158_image166 slide0158_image167


RDF/House to Home (Series Carpenter):

                beeny          heath

Heavily involved with “From House To Home” an RDF production and one of Sarah Beeny’s earliest shows; Oliver Heath was interior design consultant.  Myself and two colleagues were the main carpenters and makers for the show through filming. Inputting extensive design & make development & creating everything from cabinetry to paint effects to glazing and decking.

Below:  Image below from “House to Home” promo pack.:


Taking this further, I combine a strong interior design ethic and thorough technical appraisal when considering a piece of furniture or design, it can be built in-situ or delivered and installed.  Crucially it can be coloured and textured to suit any existing furniture, floor or wall finish.

This enables any new piece to blend seamlessly into its environment both indoors and out.  Further, combining audio, visual and electronic systems and devices into said furniture. The following images show various private client commissions to date:


18th Century French Gold Hi-Fi-AV unit:
A large and impressive piece that “totally transformed the room”. Designed to compliment the hand painted Gold square repeat pattern walls this brand new unit was aged and distressed to mellow instantly. Combining signal, power and lighting it also had twin thermal extraction through an exterior wall.

goldroom DSCF0243
Gold_Fullon gold_opening
true_interior DSCF0256
DSCF0259 DSCF0244
DSCF0252 DSCF0262


Bespoke corner AV/DVD storage unit:  Private client.
This unit was designed to perfectly match existing coloured cabinets in the room.  The diamond fret work on the Antique pewter door finish was copied from the Kilim throw on the antique sofa.  A very useful feature on this unit is the wing cupboards were easily disconnected to turn it from a corner unit to a free standing chest unit.

cornerunit DSCF0003DSCF0070 DSCF0005DSCF0061 pewter_fretwork_kilim


Traditional Welsh dresser Plasma mount and Hi-Fi unit: Private client.

The client had an existing unit in place but it was of poor quality and lacked strength for their requirements.  We replaced it allowing for full AV use:

animatedgifwelsh495 room_screenwide
DSCF0314 closeupedge 


Oak worktop Kitchen & hidden lighting for floating cupboards: Private client.

This project involved almost every aspect of this amazing house.  From the Oak worktops and special interior glazed acoustic doors to special shutters and a new Slate roofed porch!

caroline_ext_porch folio_oak_kitchen IMG_9308 closesink
main resized_shutter
resized_shutterup P1090713
P1090725 P1090750


Oak Summer House with reclaimed Leaded windows: Private client.

This project very much blurs the lines between indoors/outdoors and design and audio.  This smart little summer house not only had hidden exterior speakers but was made using spare Oak planks!  To catch the last of the Summer Sun the rear panel of the roof structure was made from polycarbonate panel allowing the last rays to illuminate the interior.

resized_summermain resized_summeroak_exter_glassdetailresized_skylightoak resized_summeroak_internal_handledetail


Fully insulated Workshop: Private client.

A colleague required a good use of space and we made a very useful model- making workshop in his back garden.  Very well insulated and double glazed.

DSCF0114 DSCF0120
DSCF0125 shed 004


Cottage Stair case with special storage treads, bespoke storage solutions: Private client.

The stair case in this instance was dilapidated and dangerous.   I designed a replacement utilising the dead space below the winder treads as large storage bins.  The treads simply hinge up for a safe space efficient storage solution.  The new pull out shelf under the main area has trigger lighting and full extension runners to give high capacity load bearing.  It is made from the original antique pine door from the under stair area.  The Ironing board folds off this slide out shelf to give a compact Ironing surface.

PA220220 PB050050
PB080059 PB080061 
P1010855 P1010851

(Below Left + Right;  The landing in this small but quaint cottage was completely unused, with a window moved over and another added to centralise the light over the stair a usable space was created to make a very compact Hotel style shower room.  The stainless Steel shower tray was commissioned locally.  The Plank wall was scratch built, as was the Oak wheeled runner door to match.  The angled mirror lifts up to give good toiletries storage and the under sink area is a useful cleaning product store.  The Toilet top is Burred Oak and looks stunning against the white colour scheme.

resized_shower_sion2 resized_tallhall_sion

Below left; Some simple IKEA units were bought and used in combination to fill this small space to allow a bed to be simply placed below.  The glazed unit to the right of the units has a lit shelf, ideal for a reading light. 
Below Right;  The glazed pine doors are original Victorian and the drawer fronts with ceramic knobs are brand new and I have subtly stained them “in” to match using a bespoke method.  The lower small doors were cut down from the original larger doors.

resized_ikea_sion resized_pinedrawers_sion

Below Left; A free standing bath makes a real statement along with its antiqued Gold surround shelf for candles and toiletries.  The wall decal is off the shelf.  The floor in this area is waterproofed pine, lightly coloured to give age.
Below Right; The end of this room has been sectioned into Three.  The middle third is book shelves above a Radiator.  The outer Two Thirds are actually sliding panels hiding large shelf storage.  When each door is moved built in lights trigger to illuminate the contents. 

resized_bath_sion resized_slide_sion