The following are a selection of builds, model effects, action props and development pieces.  From blockbuster movies to live action props, at every scale and detail level imaginable. Certain current projects not shown, most recent at top:

Duke Nukem “Pig Cop” Alien Autopsy Viral clip.

Commissioned to sculpt the “PigCop” Alien head for HD shoot using screen grab reference images, heavily involved with developing the piece and acting prop/artwork standby on the day.  A great little video with a subtle reveal of the actual “PigCop” Alien head toward the end. 

The refs for this sculpt were screen grabs from the game-play and promo art-work.  Dimensions supplied were composited and I reversed the image to give a good idea of both sides. Once the forms mass was roughed out, dimensional accuracy was ascertained:

sculpt_ref alien_front alien_reverse-angle

Satisfied with the proportions and interplay of the masses, skin detail and features can be added:

clay_FLquarter_nukem sign_off_Lside_straight_nukem

Having received a sign off from the client for the sculpt and detail levels I then iced Thixotropic Silicone rubber over the clay sculpt and created a Fibre-glass 4 part jacket to support it. It is fairly simple to create a positive once the mould is ready for use. Glass reinforced resin was used to quickly make and strengthen the final head piece (I slushed in resin, wall thickness & weight not really being an issue):

thixotropic_silicon_paste_mould_awaiting-_jacket nukem_silicone_jacket_mould

I art worked the toughened resin head and added colour, detail, facial hair and high/low lights:

nukem_tight_detail_pre_damage Nukem_pigcop_final_colour_pre_battle_damage

Following further client feed-back and new ref images for burns, cuts etc I added some serious battle damage to the “PigCop’s” head and dirtied, bruised and dusted her down:


We went to an East London Morgue for the day and set up the torso using wadding and a leather hide. As well as other elements I created for the shoot and dressed it all in and got lots of great footage.  This has since been released and has gone viral! Success.


Ra One;  Bollywood Film: 1/8th scale Victorian Architecture collapse build & development.

A large and complex build both technically and architecturally, involving model make, moulds and casting.  Beautiful Victorian Empire styled build allowing for breakaway, staged collapse and rigging.


Below: Working mainly on the central front elevation creating & developing detailed model elements, moulds and casts; Setting and testing breakaway actions, mechanisms and materials. Colour work: Laura Skinner.

Collapsecentres_main_full Collapse_main_oblique
collapsemain_greydetail Collapse_centreclose_main
Collapse_centre_detail Collapse_abatract_tight_centre 


MOD; Type 45 Destroyer.  Display/sales model.

Working for Eclipse models with James Scoot I rebuilt and remodelled existing block elements and hull structure to create a strong, reliable model for display and transport. Below:  The final piece (behind acrylic) and process shots:

type45_mainchop 45_white_scoot
45_grey_scoot 45_structure_strength


PUMA  2010 World Cup Colour splash promo:

Working for Jason Troughton at Oxford based AGOG Special effects and after a (very) long drive to Lyon; we created this fascinating effect to promote the new colour strips for the Cup.  Caught “in – camera” and composited in it looked great on the day and works well.


“Paul O’Grady” Live TV action props (August 2010):  Man from UNCLE.

Paul’s production team requested some fun “James Bond” style secret reveal furniture to tie in with his stage set props.  I created Three elements for a time tight shoot date:

  • Reveal Chesterton sofa
  • Reveal spy map coffee table
  • Reveal desk top with spy microphones and world domination plans etc.

The illusion of normal to special trick action prop really appealed to production with the comment “Comedy Gold…” used to describe them and their effects. I have completed many great pieces for them since (below):

“Paul O’Grady” Live TV action props: 1
0 Grand Suitcase!

Art directors sketch to left, below.  Final build turned around in a day to right, below:

resized_briefcase resized_case_closed

“Paul O’Grady” Live TV action props (2009): Swear Box.

Certain guests like to Swear occasionally…Ozzie behaved well on the day so this audio amped beep box was not needed.  It can go loud, really LOUD!  It has a tone generator and 11 Watt pure audio amp to give the oomph. 9v with volume control. Below: AD’s  sketch and final piece.

buzzer copy resized_buzzer_chop resized_wwwbuzzerbase

Paul O’Grady Halloween/Exorcist special: “Buster” possessed:

Poor “Buster” RIP.  For a special themed transmission featuring “The Exorcist” for Halloween I created a battery powered wireless “Buster”. Vitally he had glowing Red eyes and spinning head!  Radio interference was a potential issue so no power transfer from body to head…This prop worked so well it was reused a few weeks later for Halloween!  There was very little space in the head so I installed a rechargeable battery pack and used the digital speed controllers charge circuit via the under ear power socket. 

Production supplied the plastic dog, and after I did my bit dressed it in fur:

resized_wwwheadeyes resized_wwwLEDeyes
resized_wwweyesintrnal resized_wwwbustercables
resized_wwwneckmount top resized_wwwheadariel_undersideswitch

Below, footage of Demonic Buster during stability testing. He passed. Just:

“Paul O’Grady” Live TV action props: Radio controlled Google eyes:

Designed to fit on a specialist mannequin to be used by the famous “equibrilist” gymnast “Eike von Stuckenbrok”.  A tiny radio control mechanism and hidden wires make for a very neat solution.

resized_glasseswide resized_glasses_detailrear

Below, footage shot during mechanical testing procedure:

The Art Director at the time has told me since he dug these out of storage and used them extensively on another production completely! Great!


TV Advert: Thomson;  Sandcastle poly sculpt: 

Created in only a few short hours for this popular campaign. Below: Ref image, final piece, compare image process shots and sculpt detail.

Castle_Ref. sandcastle large
Poly_sand castle copy sandyblue


Feature Film: “Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” :  Miniature effects, model development and art work.


Babushka cottage:

P1100248 P1100252 
P1100253 P1100260
P1100269 P1100285

1:6 scale Tractor. Foreground model set prop.

resized_P1100437 Tractor_colour 
resized_P1100449 resized_P1100445
resized_P1100448 resized_P1100447


TV Advert: TV Licensing Agency/BBC Database:

Working for AGOG Special Effects I was lead model maker for this widely run trans media campaign. Below:  Model shots from MOCO rig and abstract close-ups.

TV_Database_Gold TV_Database_orange


TV/Genie in Da House: Miniature prop model for opening sequence:

Production required a simple model to Ape the live action house to be used as a simple blend in for an intro sequence.  Having bought a Dolls house model I had a very short time ( 1 to 2 days iirc) to adapt and remodel it to suit the screen grab image. Below: Screen grab image, original dolls house and final piece:

Genie screen grab Genie_mainfrontGenie_wide_originalhouse Genie_wide-remodel
Genie_lower_int_finishedcolour Genie_interior
Roof_rear_off Geniedetail_wide


TV/Internet broadcast; Brass Eye action prop:

HELLO!  I CAN’T HEAR YOU…A smashing little prop with LED and power kill button to facilitate easy power down between shooting periods to preserve battery life.  A large screw down lid kept everything in place.

earpiece_side folio bolt_9v_detail 
elec_detail_underside square main copy


Alien V Predator Feature Film; Prague. Main unit models & Miniature Effects: 

As part of the main unit in the Czech Republic consisting of some 35 top UK Film technicians, a huge build and development project for FOX. Head of department  Richard Van Den Burgh (EvolutionFX). I was responsible for development/testing of the breakaway 1:6 scale buildings to ensure they survived multiple drops and could be easily re-built, as well as running local and UK crew to ensure elements were made as efficiently and simply as possible. Test footage:

The following sequence of 4 shots gives an idea of the sheer scale of this build, from the wide image showing the huge Hanger and the rig to closer in and a person on this impressive 1/6th model build. Designed to be shot with 7 high speed cameras and fully lit, dressed both interior and exterior and specially pre-rigged for the collapse sequence. Having dropped her once we re-dressed and were reshooting within 1 week!

Picture 005 Picture 001
Picture 002 ws

The following shots show detail of scratch model making, snow and ice effects, interior dressing and electrics.

DSCF0057 DSCF0058
DSCF0059 build (7)
DSCF0075 DSCF0070
DSCF0071 1st collapse (3)
build (8) DSCF0086 1st collapse (1) DSCF0072
1st collapse (3) DSCF0035
DSCF0010 DSCF0012
DSCF0040 DSCF0017

AVP build in workshop; some pre-paint effects/snow:

IMG_0161 IMG_0162
build (10) Glacierside
glacierwall_poly_RG avp seperator 010

Snow layout & dressing for huge floor set, Model/set build for Pyramid scene:

Antarctica pyramid 

Extensive further information can be found in the following “Making of series”:

The Making of Alien vs Predator 1/3
The Making of Alien vs Predator 2/3
The Making of Alien vs Predator 3/3


“Five Children and It” Feature Film.  Miniature model unit:5kidsfolio


TV – Cosgrove Hall Films; NODDY:

My very first TV job was at CHF and my association with them continued for some years; Making lovely children’s TV props and models.  After a few weeks into my first stint with them I was offered “Head of Props”, sadly the position did not stay available for long as a production deal fell through…

resized_noddy_you_boy_racer copy resized_mind_you_dont_step_on_your_friend copy
resized_tea_with_friends_in_the_house copy resized_noddy_and_monkey_friend_in_car copy


TV – Rosemary & Thyme/Emmerdale Action props:

Below: The Soft logs (3 on top of log pile) and breakaway in colour biscuit foam sheet roofing for various TV soaps.

P1000650 P1000691


TV Advert – Fairy:

The vase base shape had been hired and the wording sculpted.  I was asked to make a special barrel mould to enable the roll slushing of optically clear resin to make the old glass effect casting.



TV – Cosgrove Hall Films; Rotten Ralph:

bbq bob_alarm
mice_kebabs pool_box copy
mice_spring_rolls ralph_bmx copy